Poised 4 Life - Alexander Technique near Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales
Become Poised 4 Life -
with the Alexander Technique
Learn a simple and effective technique to help your body function better, with improved posture, greater ease, poise and balance.
If you constantly drove a car in the wrong gear, how long would you expect it to perform at its best?
Fixing the chassis for better posture and reduced joint stiffness in Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales
We expect a lot from our bodies. We expect them to get us through our lives without breaking down.  And yet, how much thought do we give to how we drive them?
When things go wrong, is it possible that by learning to drive our bodies better we can mend ourselves without the need for repeated medical intervention?
The Alexander Technique simply and effectively teaches you how to become naturally poised and well balanced, allowing your body the freedom it needs to function at its best.  You can learn it at any age and it has helped millions of people across the world to naturally overcome:
  • muscle tension and stiffness
  • back and neck pain
  • joint stiffness
  • breathing and vocal problems
  • anxiety and stress-related conditions.
"Alexander Technique has been a wonderful experience with no pressure put on me with exercises and workouts due to the gentle way it is done it has helped me in lots of ways.
I don't need any help to pack my shopping at the supermarket.  I don't get comments about the funny way I used to walk.  I can even go upstairs without going one step at a time like a child.  I have also regained my balance.  Well done and thank you to the Alexander Technique."
P.M. Hargreaves, retired
I work with many people who have been struggling with pain, and who can only see it getting worse.   Perhaps they have been through surgery, perhaps they have been trying physiotherapy or exercises.  Perhaps they have been taking pain killers for a long time.  The common thread seems to be that they haven't found the answer to their problem, and they are facing a future in which that problem simply gets worse and worse.
Perhaps it doesn't have to be that way...
"For many years I have suffered from chronic lower back pain, and also pain in other joints.  I have tried many remedies, including physiotherapy, manipulation, and chiropractic, with no significant benefit.  I was introduced to Sarah Brown because she is a practitioner of the Alexander Technique.  The results have been outstanding.  My back is greatlyimproved, also other joints.  All this with no manipulation, massage, serious pressures, or psychological involvement.
AM, 82, retired businessman, Leeds
I'm based in Skyreholme, in the Yorkshire Dales (not far from Skipton or Grassington).  Please call for more information or to book an appointment - on 01756 720 298. 

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